Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Banners Broker Login

What is Banners Broker?
Banners Broker is an online advertising network that manages the sourcing, publishing and performance tracking of ads that make the connection between advertisers and publishers around the world. Banners Broker is an online advertising company that helps both advertisers and website owners capitalize on the power of the web. The Internet is an authoritative marketing tool that tends to remain largely unaffected by the global economy whether be it strong, weak or even in recession. Banners Broker is an extensive online advertising network with large scope and targeted reach.

What does Banners Broker do?
We connect advertisers with effective ad space and publishers with the most relevant ads to market on their websites. With an extensive online network consisting of hundreds of thousands of publishers and advertisers around the world, we help our clients increase sales and earn additional advertising revenue.

Why should I advertise with Banners Broker?
As the number of worldwide Internet users continues to rise, so does the effectiveness of online advertising. Part of what makes online advertising so lucrative is the fact that, for a minimal cost compared to traditional forms of advertising, it enables you to target your campaign to specific age groups, consumer preferences and geographic regions. But, in order to execute this properly, it is critical that you find the perfect online ad space – a task that can be time consuming and overwhelming. This is where Banners Broker comes in. By advertising with us, you immediately gain access to a network of hundreds of thousands websites from around the world. Once you specify the details of your campaign, we place your advertisements on highly relevant sites that perfectly match your criteria.

Why should I become a Banners Broker publisher?
If you own a website that receives a significant amount of traffic, Banners Broker can help you grow your business through a new revenue stream. As a Banners Broker publisher, your website is included in our database of viable advertising space. When we make a match, advertisements are placed on your website. For every ad impression generated by your website, you earn a pre-set amount of money. Through our program, Banners Broker publishers are able to grow their corporate revenues by taking full advantage of their web traffic.

Why should I become a Banners Broker advertiser (affiliate)?
Becoming a Banners Broker affiliate/advertiser is quick and easy, and you can earn huge revenue. Simply visit our Advertisers page and click on the Register link. Follow the steps provided to create your account and purchase the campaign of your choice.

What is a Banners Broker advertiser/publisher combo?
The Banners Broker Combo Package is a brand new opportunity in the online advertising marketplace. It is designed to give non-website owners the ability to join in on the action. The first of its kind, the Combo Package allows you to play the role of advertiser and publisher – simultaneously. You advertise your business through the Banners Broker network just the way any advertiser would. At the same time, Banners Broker creates your very own virtual online store where you earn advertising revenue for the ad impressions we generate for you.

Do you have live webinars, training, etc?
Yes. Time and dates are available on your dashboard in the back office.

Can I earn advertising revenue without owning my own website?
Yes. Impossible up until now, even those who don't own a website can now take advantage of the successful and ever growing online advertising industry. By signing up for our Combo Package, not only can you advertise with us but you can also earn your own advertising revenues as a publisher. We design, host and operate a virtual online store for your business, enabling you to earn online ad revenue to offset your advertising costs.

Are there other means to earn besides ad/pub combo?
Yes. Please download and watch the (panels) Power Point Presentation below.

Do you think this company can sustain all this for the long term?
That is the Fantastic thing about Banners Broker they have revolutionary software and as Online Advertising is a multi billion-dollar industry there is huge liquidity as long as website owners need advertising and traffic Banners Broker is here for the long term. Banners Broker owners know what a great system they have here and will continue to support their customers for many, many years to come.

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